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Site Safety, Security & Risk Survey

An Excellentia Site Safety, Security & Risk Survey (SSSRS) is the first step in ensuring that the security controls for a system are fully commensurate with the risks, utilising a systematic use of available information to determine how often specified events may occur and the magnitude of their consequences.

A Site Safety, Security & Risk Survey will cover the full scope of a project, including all matters surrounding safety and security along with the initial set up of the project itself and the protection of personnel and company assets during the early stages. Following a full recommendation report, Excellentia uses the Client Interface phase to analyse the recommendations and discuss the Implementation Assistance phase.

At a local level the client may consider the effects that its operations will have on specific communities. All of this takes place within a global context of legislation, regulation and local and international pressure groups, where corporate governance and reputation is of paramount importance. Excellentia provide safety and security support and guidance to allow local management to get on with the job in hand. With local knowledge and intelligence gained through our own well established vast networks, Excellentia can help to minimise risk, whatever the circumstances.

These sites can be:

  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Refineries
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Onshore Locations
  • Financial Services
  • Power Stations
  • Prisons
  • Military Establishments
  • National Grid
  • Water Plants
  • Transport
  • Communication

Any public or private disruption to services or sensitive locations has serious consequences for the general public, the government and the international community as a whole. Such disruptions effect public opinion and in some cases national security.

The Excellentia SSSRS is relevant to all Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sites as well as strategically important corporate sites and is conducted at an international level.