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International Training

Excellentia courses are delivered to a high standard because at Excellentia we believe that training at a high standard develops trainee motivation, integrity, professionalism, confidence, assertiveness, pride and discipline.  As a result of our high standards our training is demanding.  We recommend that trainees are motivated individuals who are self-disciplined and able to manage their time effectively to get the most from our training.   To ensure trainees have the capability to proficiently undertake operations and uphold the law trainees often must pass rigorous physical, oral and written tests.  Our courses teach trainees how to prepare and execute operational objectives successfully.

Excellentia Instructors have significant operational experience in line with the company’s ethos and to ensure training is to a high standard. Our tactical instructors are subject matter experts who are predominantly former military or government trained personnel with operational experience in urban and rural environments. As a result of this Excellentia trainees benefit from learning how to perform in every phase of an operation and most importantly the skill of critical decision making.

Excellentia is proud to offer a range of training opportunities with high-intensity, hands-on courses where trainees practice techniques and tactics in the field. Our key mission is to ensure that through planning, preparation and training our trainees are able to work independently or within a team with minimal support and equipment. An Excellentia course enables trainees to effectively handle a crisis situation, should this arise.


Excellentia’s specialist training courses include:

  • Urban and rural surveillance, reconnaissance and small unit tactics
  • Tactical firearms and team tactics training
  • Counter insurgency training
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) training
  • Force protection training
  • Patrolling skills
  • Medical training
  • Close Quarter Combat (CQC) defensive/offensive tactics
  • Driver training


Excellentia’s firearms training provide classroom and range practice sessions. It is designed to instruct the trainee in survival shooting techniques, range safety, judgement weapon shooting, quick point and instinctive reaction shooting.
Excellentia’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) training course ensures trainees are able to operate in a SWAT role where they may be required to operate in high risk, military style operations that fall outside of the capabilities of regular, uniformed police. SWAT involves the use of specialised equipment and clothing and our training ensures trainees are familiar with this and can confidently handle weapons and specialist detector equipment. SWAT team duties are wide and varied so our training covers an extensive programme which includes theory and practice in:

  • Entering barricaded and/or armoured buildings
  • Challenging and confronting heavily armed criminals
  • Anti-terrorism and anti-insurgency operations
  • High risk arrests


Excellentia is able to offer a range of specialist tactical training courses which can be tailored to the client's requirements; if you are not able to find what you are looking for then contact us.