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Border Patrol and Immigration

Excellentia is fully committed to providing our clientele with superior instruction and consultative services. Whether you are looking to improve capabilities of your existing strategies or create a more secure environment, Excellentia has the solution. We look forward to the opportunity to enhance your operational effectiveness and security.

Excellentia recognises how security is evolving internationally with an increasingly globalised and sophisticated nature of ensuring border security and preventing illegal immigrants and terrorism within those borders.

The international climate with political and socio-economic transformations has become more complex. The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 recognises that security and development go hand in hand. Excellentia is there to help countries in developing their security in order for their country to maintain consistent economic development.

Border Protection is responsible for managing the security and integrity of a country’s borders and includes detecting and deterring the unlawful movement of goods and people across the border. Excellentia endeavours to provide a high quality Border Patrol and Immigration course to ensure borders are protected successfully.

Excellentia’s Border Security Training ensures that the trainee can demonstrate their ability to meet the demands of the job. Commitment to teamwork in a dynamic and multifaceted work environment is imperative. Individuals and the team may have to take on many different roles; hence focus during the training process is essential to ensure trainees can operate as an individual and within a team in a range of situations.

A border security role involves responsibility for processing the large number of travellers entering and leaving the country as well as overseeing the import of all goods into the country. Trainees will be required to apply risk-assessment principles. Attention, concentration and clear thinking combined with an ability to question and look for connections between people, activities and known information are essential. Hence an ability to deal with people with good communication and interpersonal skills for questioning and searching passengers and their goods is necessary with high standards of integrity and personal conduct needed.

Excellentia’s Border Patrol and Immigration Course aims for the trainee to confidently perform the primary functions of a Border Patrol Officer. Trainees learn how to determine whether a person being questioned is: an immigrant, a citizen, or a national of the country being protected and how to classify their legal status and take appropriate action. Action includes the ability to apprehend violators of the immigration and nationality laws, both at and after entry and apprehend smugglers of illegal immigrants and drugs and other concerning goods. As Border Patrol Officers often perform their duties in rural areas on foot and need to respond to potentially dangerous situations alone. Therefore each patrol officer must be prepared, both psychologically and physically, to be reactive and proactive with potential armed and dangerous persons whom they may encounter.

Excellentia focuses on the development of specific strategies for conflict prevention and resolution. Our highly experienced instructors ensure that trainees are equipped with the knowledge and skills to confidently address situations. Excellentia prepares trainees to achieve objectives with efficiency, professionalism and discretion no matter where in the world they are located.

Once Excellentia Border Patrol and Immigration course trainees have passed they will be required to liaise with relevant in-country agencies that enforce the country’s laws. Excellentia ensures that trainees have been trained effectively to be able to liaise professionally with such agencies. Our trainees will gain some knowledge of their country’s legislation to assist them in liaison and to enable them to undertake their role effectively. Excellentia works with local officials to ensure their trainees access customised and up to date training which includes relevant legislation to meet the legal requirements of their role.

Through our work with Border Security Agencies Excellentia hopes to improve individual country’s security and enhance global peace and security.

If you are interested in our Border Patrol and Immigration training please do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to customise our training to meet your requirements.