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About Us

Excellentia was established in 2006 and only deploys the security industry’s very best operators and instructors on our assignments and training courses, the vast majority of whom have served in specialist government departments relevant to their specialism.

Our maxim is ‘Excellence through Experience’. Experience cannot be gained by attending a course, nor can it be gained in a matter of months. The best operators take years to develop.

Our clients take great satisfaction and comfort in the knowledge that Excellentia operators really are the best in the business and have worked at the highest levels both nationally and internationally. Our people are professional, discreet and vetted to the highest levels.

We can provide high calibre operators, both male and female, to protect you, your people and your assets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere in the world. If excellence is your priority too, we look forward to hearing from you.

Derek Kerr - Director

Derek Kerr completed his exemplary Military career in June 2006 serving throughout the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Derek commenced his Royal Military Police (RMP) career in June 1992. He served in South Armagh and Belfast, Northern Ireland, conducting overt & covert video/photography, Weapons Intelligence and then specialised in Close Protection in 1997 at the RMP Close Protection Unit (CPU), Longmoor.

Upon completing the RMP CPU CP Course, continued to deploy throughout the world as a Close Protection Operative providing protection for the UK’s Senior British Ambassador’s, Royal Family and British Government Officials. He served at CPU as an Instructor/Operator from 2002-2005.

He trains individuals to be UK Security Industry Authority (SIA) licenced CPO’s, has conducted Close Protection/Security for Celebrities & Executive’s, Surveillance, Corporate Security, Asset Protection, Events and Residential Security.

John Morrison - Director

John completed his military career in Jan 2009 after serving 12 years in the British Army throughout the world including Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Kenya, Iraq and Sudan.

He joined the British Army in 1997 and began a successful career in the Royal Military Police within the general Policing role. Following various operational tours and Home Office Police courses JM then specialised in covert operations, surveillance and test purchasing both nationally and internationally.

Upon completing the Royal Military Police Close Protection course he continued to deploy through out the world as a Military Policeman and a Personal Protection Officer and finally returned to the RMP Close Protection Unit as an Operations Manager.

He has a full range of security qualifications including the military Close Protection course and various Police covert operations course.

Lee Kibble - Operations Director

Lee completed his Military career in 2004 after serving 12 years in the British Army’s Royal Military Police. His extensive operational service included tours in Northern Ireland, Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, South Asia and numerous other locations.

His service was predominantly carried out within the Close Protection Unit (CPU), where he deployed on numerous global operations throughout his career supporting senior diplomats of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as Military appointments. Lee also served as an instructor at the CPU.

His commercial experience has included a significant period of time carrying out close protection in Iraq, working in support of the United States Department of Defense and other commercial organisations, followed by a role working in support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Afghanistan.

Latterly, Lee has worked in the provision of risk management services to the corporate sector, supporting world leading organisations with operational support, crisis management and consultancy and has significant experience working in hostile and complex environments.

He is a member of ASIS and the Security Institute.

Paul Shephard MBE - Training Director

Paul completed his 23-year career with the Royal Military Police (RMP) in 2014 where he served in the United Kingdom & Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Central America.

Beginning his career in the RMP he served in Londonderry and south-east Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, as a Continuity Non-Commissioned Officer, and Bosnia during the Bosnian War before specialising in Close Protection (CP).

Throughout his extensive CP career Paul has served as an instructor at the Close Protection Unit (CPU) RMP along with operational deployments providing protection in to Her Majesty’s Ambassadors, members of the Royal Family, high ranking UK military staff, diplomats, foreign dignitaries, UK Secretaries of State and other government politicians and civil servants. In addition, he has been responsible for the delivery of numerous CP training teams overseas in support of UK government programmes.

Having spent the majority of his career within CP Paul completed his military career as the CPU RMP Operations Warrant Officer responsible for the deployment, recovery and day to day running of all operational RMP CP teams in support of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Other Government Departments (OGDs)

A proven CP trainer both overseas and in the UK Paul has trained many British and foreign individuals in CP from within the civilian, military and police environments.

Phil Scott - Operations Manager

Phil completed 30 years police service in September 2009 mainly as a Specialist Tactical Firearms Officer (SFO), supervisor and Instructor.

Phil operated on the SFO team conducting pre planned and spontaneous firearms incidents including armed and besieged criminals, Hostage rescue, Armed Surveillance and Counter Terrorist Operations. Specialising in Armed Close Protection to the most prominent protected persons, during public engagements in the heart of the UK.

Having qualified as a tactical firearms instructor Phil joined the Instructor cadre delivering training in initial, intermediate and advanced weapons handling and tactics training, eventually managing the Uk`s premier Firearms training school.

Phil continued to deploy, train and supervise in Close Protection Operations right up until Sept 2009 when he joined the commercial Close Protection world. He has been deployed globally with Ultra High Net worth individuals, persons in the public eye and A lister movie stars.

Phil joined the Excellentia Instructor team providing a unique blend of skills and experience with his ex military colleagues to provide vastly enhanced SIA approved Close Protection training.

Peter McIntosh - Senior Trainer

Peter has over 12 years Close Protection experience both serving within the Royal Military Police (RMP) Close Protection Unit (CPU) and also within the private Executive Protection sector.

Having completed his RMP CP Course, he deployed to Baghdad in support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and returned two years later to carry out the same task. Peter then deployed to Sudan, again in support of the FCO and has since operated in places such as Libya, France, Spain, Austria to name a few.

He has extensive experience gained by providing protection to a number of British Ambassadors, UK diplomats, US Generals, US diplomats, Middle Eastern Royal Family members and other business CEOs.

Peter has specialised in providing Executive Protection to private clients within London and Europe and as an instructor, this experience is passed on to the students of the SIA Close Protection Course.